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The Philips Ambient MRI Experience

Not your ordinary MRI

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we know that a visit to the hospital can be overwhelming and even scary at times – especially when a child has to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test in a big, loud machine. That’s why our South Campus features a new MRI machine that operates in conjunction with the Philips Ambient Experience, which makes the testing experience more pleasant and less stressful for kids.

Reduced anxiety, more fun and better results

To create a calming environment for each child’s MRI, the patient gets to select the lighting, music and visual design that he will see and hear during the test. After choosing from a variety of theme options on a touch-screen, the ordinary white room is transformed into a fun and colorful experience with themes from the jungle, ocean, cartoons and more.

The Ambient MRI Experience calms the child and reduces the need for sedation, which leads to less anxiety and more accurate results if the child is still and relaxed. Children’s Hospital Colorado is currently the only hospital in the state to offer this unique MRI experience.

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